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The company is in the eastern of china,Website:, the hometown of Lu xun who is the Chinese famous writer. This enterprise is a investment, research and development, manufacture, operation and management service is given priority to modern, diversified private enterprise. Its areas include commercial manufacture, set of equipment operation, joining management, steel construction and the investment of real estate .The meaning of zhongli is that the people of zhong is keep sinvincible a round the world, it comes from China, and remains around the world .Li together with innovations, permanent enter rising to stand among the world Permanently, its long-rang and permanent development is the core conception of the enterprise. "Zhongli" "Zhonglihuang" has gone in twenty-five years and has stepped into the new 25 years in the journey has been committed to be worth the world respect China's brand. Products gain national key new products, the state 30 many patent knowledge property right and national patent product gold medal award, etc, the relevant departments of the ministry of communications as car washer export top 20 and steam guarantees the project of 20 strong export enterprise. Zhongli enterprises with high technology, automation technology as the core rely on. The product of first five-year plan: car lift, car Paint banking room, system of car body calibration apparatus has been well-know all over the world: The research development and production of second five-year plan, the series of computer car washer, has been the first sales in Asia until now,It has been the biggest production base of car washer, its product has found a good sale in Canada, Brazil, Australia, Rome, Middle East, Russia and so on .
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Car wash machine, automatic car wash machine, rollover car wash machine, touch free car wash machine, tunnel car wash machine
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No.15 Paodu Road, Paojiang, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Zhejiang, 312000


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Shaoxing Zhongli Machinery Plant
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